quinta-feira, 3 de abril de 2014


Dear Friends and Customers,
we are back from a very nice voyage to Lisbon and a cruise from there on the Portuscale Cruises "Azores" - better known as "Stockholm" from 1948.
We started work on our these days projects right ahead and will soon be able to deliver the tiny little "Alta" from the Norwegian FFR and the Portuguese beauty "Vera Cruz".
Both ships have a lot in common; both are sisterships to ships we have had produced earlier and both differed a lot to their sister.
In case of the Ri 127 "Alta" the main superstruckture was very different and as well a wooden planked bridge-bulwark made her appear different and somehow more old-fashioned then her sister "Sørøy".
The "Vera Cruz" had (aside minor equipment-diffences in the details ondeck) a different front to the "Santa Maria" and looked - in my opinion- more sleek and elegant, but less characteristic than her sister "Santa Maria"
We do not yet have model pictures of the "Alta" but please have a look at the pictures of the pre-series of the "Vera Cruz", that I have attached.
Bothe models will apear in only one version - as build.
The selling price for the "Vera Cruz" will be roughly 120,00 Euro, the price for the "Alta" will be around 35,00 Euro.
The production of the "Vera Cruz" was almost driving me mad and this is the reason, why the total amount of models is low - I ruined so many repair parts that at least only a small number of models could be created.
All in all the effort to produce these was very much like the one for the "Oslofjord" - aside that the cargo-handling on "Vera Cruz" was less work.
However, please let Your dealors know soon, in case You want to order.

Another bad news is, that I have to postpone the production of the probably most wanted of our models - the "New Zealand Star" of the Blue Star Line - perhaps to eternity as I seem to be unable to produce that fine ship and master.
I have not yet given up totally, but I am most frustrated with a second mould not working, too.

However, if You are interested in pictures of the old "Stockholm" in Portuguese hands as "Azores" you may use this hidden link to my website and watch my pictures there:

www.risawoleska.de/azores The german cruise operator can be found here:
http://www.ambiente-kreuzfahrten.de/ This is the Portuguese Owner Portuscale Cruises:
who ons as well my alltime favorite "Funchal" as well as the old "Istra"
(now "Porto") and the "Lisboa" - formerly "Princess Danae". They realy seem to try with the beauty of old ships - a bold enterprise and and as I think very worth supporting.
The best for me on our trip - aside the companionship of my wife of course - was a visit on board of the "Funchal", from where I soon hope to be able to realize another web-album.
Seemingly a book about this best vessel still afloat was made by the owners, that I soon shall find.
Perhaps I can manage to order more copies in case, somebody is interested.
The book is said to be bi-lingual in English as well.
I do not yet have a price for it.

All the best from a sunny and over-blossomed München

Burkhard Schütt

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  1. The FUNCHAL book published in 2013 by Portuscale is sold onboard at €25.00 per copy

  2. VERA CRUZ was my first ship a long time ago. Nice model, a pity the anchor recess is not acurate...