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Dear Friends and Customers,
It is a long time since you have heard from us.
But now we present – most surprisingly for you I guess – the prototype of the 1957 Statendam as can been seen in the photos attached.
I got to like this fine ship, she was of course later eclipsed by the later, more modern Rotterdam in people’s minds, more and more while building it, as its looks reminded me of a  hammerheaded shark!
The master remained unfinished for quite a long time, but as the majority of my recently produced moulds ended up without any suitable casting as well as me having complicated dental problems which kept me away from my casting cellar, I needed something new to work on. I took out and finished the Statendam.
Personally, I feel she is a very worthy successor to the Oslofjord, announced here a year ago, but please have a look at the photos and make up your mind about that yourself.

The model is intended to cost arround 120,00 Euro and I shall be glad, if You place a order at your dealor in case of interest soon.
Recently, we delivered the Norwegian reefer Pacific Express, finished by Kockums in Malmö in 1945. She is another typical vessel of her time, extremely elegant and distinctive in the colours of her owners, Biørn Biørnstad & Co in Oslo. An a-number is available in Salen Charter, and a number b version represents the ship when she was sold to the Norwegian Erling Hansen who ran her as Ranada until 1972. She was then sold on to Wan
Lung Nav. Co. S/A in Panama. Her new career as Wan Chun was very short. In November the same year, she was wrecked on the beaches of Ijmuiden, an event well documented on the internet.
And in addition to this, I will soon have enough castings of the Ri 168 Aurella, as built in 1973 for  Viking Line, so that I think we will be able to deliver these in January.
More detailed information You will find on my website's opening page.
I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Burkhard Schütt

Dipl. Ing (FH) Burkhard Schütt
Weyarner Str. 53
D-81547 München
Tel +49 (0)89 69989872

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