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Dear Friends and Customers,

So please find listed below, what we are going to deliver within (estimated) the next 18 months.

The bold lettered models will be the first ones to be delivered.

Ri 0076 Kalundborg
Ri 0082
 Oslofjord and Ri 0082a Oslofjord with Neutraltiy-Paintings
Ri 0168
 abcdef etc. later Versions of the Aurelly, such as Staint Patrick II for B&I and Stena, as Ville de Sete, as Egnattia II and City of Cork . The original Viking Line Version will be produced later, as it was more practical to me, to produce the later rebuild state first. But I have attached a picture of a handrebuild Viking Line Version...
Ri 0243a Borgholm
Ri 0284 Santa Maria

Ri 0319 Belnippon as original delivered for Belships, Oslo, Norway, 0319a in Lauritzen Charter (phantastic good looking) and 0319c as John Brinckman, DSR Lines (GDR)
Ri 0373 Wappen von Hamburg II (1962) as well in Stena Charter as Jatten Finn
Ri 0460d Bianca C - Costa Crociere
Ri 0518 Stella Marina, very elegant swedish Reefer
Ri 0519 Pacific Express, most elegant norwegian Reefer -
Ri 0530 Plencia, 0530a Iberian Reefer (Lauritzen Charter still with a white hull) and 0530b Iberian Reefer (Lauritzen Ownership) and at least 0530c Ikarian Reefer
such as her Sister
Ri 0531 Portugalete (great name, great ship and great model), as Ri 0531a Sevillian Reefer (Lauritzen - red hull) und als greek 0531b Saronic Reefer, in swedish Salen Charter

Most probably we are going to start with delivery of the Belnippon models and the Bianca Costa.
Which of these two models will be first of, ist not yet decided.
But for the Belnippon-Versions the dealors will need Your orders soon, to place the order with me.
Attached You will find pictures of the three versions in original.

Kind regards
Burkhard Schütt

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