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Dear Friends and Customers,

Although being bothered by some other things going on, we will soon be able to deliver our new model.

This will be a ship, that I love in particular for her being so unmistakeable and pregnant in her design.

As well, she is widely unknown, what seems to be characteristic for the ships, we produce.

The La Marseillaise was aside the Kungsholm 1966 and the Ancerville for sure one of the most beautiful hulled passengerships of all times. Have a look at the attached pictures - You will agree. MOst attracting as well I think is the "absence of color". The ship is almost painted in "shades of gray" and her monochrome appearance underlines her elegance a lot.

To find informations about this not very well dokumented vessel I made a trip to Marseille in June this year.

Pictures of the model can be found here:


I have no pictures of her when she served as a hospital ship during the Suez crisis in 1956 so far, but still we produce this version in limited eddition of 10 as the number Ri 460b. Below You find a short lifeline of the ship in german language.

The La Marseillaise again was a very time consuming vessel to produce, as You will see, when You get the model.

Therefor her price is 130,00 Euro.

Please inform Your dealor in time if You wish to order the model.

Next projects will be some productions of out-of-stock-models as well as the 1974 Denmark build ferries



and "The Viking", as she sailed fo Sally the Viking Line:



As well, we will produce more C1 Standardships.

Best regards

Dipl. Ing. (FH) Burkhard Schütt

Weyarner Str. 53

D-81547 München


Tel: +49 (0)89 69989872


Lifeline of the La Marseillaise:


Build 1949 at Societe Provencale de Constructions Navales, La Ciotat, Frankreich
Buildingnumber: 161.
Dimensions: 180,80 x 23,00 x 7,90 m.
Brt:. 17408.
After Rebuild: Brt. 18427.
Engines: Sulzer Diesel
Power. 31500 PS
Speed: 20,0. Knoten
Passengers: 736.
After Rebuild: 1232.
Cabins: 736.
After Rebuild: 1232.
1939. Keel laid, but due to outbrak of war work stopped
1944 06 16. Launching under the name MARECHAL PETAIN; hull was towed to Port Bouc.
1944 08. Sunk by german troups.
1946. Refloated and towed to Societe Provencale de Constructions Navales, La Ciotat for reconstruction.
1949 Delivery to Messageries Maritimes, Marseille, France.
1949 08 18. Used between Marseille - Far East traffic. (Yokohama).
1956 Hospital Ship during Suez Crisis.
1957 02. Sold to Arosa Line, Panama. New Name AROSA SKY.
1957. Rebuild.
1957 05 10. First trip for Arosa Line from Bremerhaven to Le Havre - Southampton - Halifax - New York.
1958 01 08. Small fire in a cabin out of Wilmington, North Carolina.
1958 10. Sold to Costa Line, Genua, Italy. New name BIANCA C.
1958 - 1959. Rebuild.
1959. Used between Neapel and Genua to the Caribean.
1961 10 22. Ablaze out of Grenada.
1961 10 24. The british fregatte LONDONDERRY succeeds to give over a towline, but the attempt to tow the ship to the beach is no success, as the ship sprang leak and sank in deap water.