sexta-feira, 13 de maio de 2011

Ferry Hammerodde

Dear Friends and Customers,

although the Ri 218 is not yet delivered, we have to continue in our progress and anounce the next models to follow to You.

These will be the danish twin-ferries Hammerodde and Dueodde, not very much liked by the Bornholm people, but for modern ferries most attractive designed and painted in striking colors - as Danes tend to do...

The sisters are almost identical and do alternate only in minor paint differences and different names, of course.

The Dueodde was sold to New Zealand in the meantime, become the "Straitsman" with another attractive livery.

These models will be available:

Ri 265 Hammerodde priced at 110,00 Euro:

Ri 266 Dueodde priced at110,00 Euro:

Ri 266a Straitsman priced at 105,00 Euro:

Please give Your dealer or us a note about the model that You want to order to enable them to make a crecise order.
Many thanks in advance
Burkhard Schütt

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