domingo, 23 de janeiro de 2011


This time I show you 2 new watercolors.

1. ss Overijssel (Rotterdam Lloyd) was a C3 type of ship. That means these ship were build in USA wartime  in serial and  on am modulair way. After the war these ships were available for allied countries who needed desperately transport means, in order to start up local economy as soon as possible. That was a reason for Rotterdam Lloyd to get this ship available just after wartime.

2. The Zwarte Zee (4) and the ss Rotterdam (5) passed each other on the quite summer evening somewere on the 60's.  This was a special occasion since the Zwarte Zee was the largest seagoing tug in the Netherlands while the ss Rotterdam  was the largest passengerliner. If this situation happend in real, I do not know, but it certainly was a reason for this painting.

Hans Breeman

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