quarta-feira, 28 de julho de 2010


Dear Friends and Customers

Again we are about to deliver new models.
These will be the danish sisterships "Kong Olav V" from 1961 (was a long time ago available as Ri 9) and "Prinsesse Margrethe" from 1957.
These will be the models, that are - in small edd. with (max. 11
Models/Version) available:
Ri 9a "Prinsesse Margrethe" Zst. 1957 DFDS, DK (no Link yet available,
but generally as Ri 0009, but Promenades open)
Price ca. 72,00 €
Ri 9b "Prinsessen", Zst. 1968 DFDS, DK
Link: http://www.risawoleska.de/slideshow.php?nummer=0009b Price ca. 73,50 €
Ri 9c "Prinsessan", Zst. 1971 Birka Line, SF
Link: http://www.risawoleska.de/slideshow.php?nummer=0009c Price ca. 81,00 €
Ri 9f "Taiwan", (ehem Kong Olav V) Zst. 1970 China Navigation Ldt.
Link: http://www.risawoleska.de/slideshow.php?nummer=0009f
Price ca. 78,00 €
Ri 9g "Baronessan", Zst. 1972 Birka Line, SF
Link: http://www.risawoleska.de/slideshow.php?nummer=0009g
Price ca. 81,00 €

Each Model will be adapted by hand to the version it showes.
There are differences in the sort and kind of safetyequipment, the sort of the glassed shelters. Some models have sidedoors and different bullwarks.
All models are build with etched parts and the most have decals.
Delivery to the dealers can be expected the 31st week.

Please inform the dealors about a possible order in time, that they can place their orders here.

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